Gold Coast Florida Fencing Division

Press Conference


The Gold Coast Division board compiled the following COVID-19 recommendations for clubs, fencers, and volunteers. We intend to share best practices emerging from other clubs in the Division and throughout the country. It considers recommendations from the USA Fencing Association with the resumption of local, regional, and national events.

To download the guidelines, please click here.


Adrenaline Super Cup

Registration is on askfred.

PREREGISTER. Advanced payment in ASKFRED or at the venue.

Preregistered fees $40.00 for first event, $20.00 for every subsequent event.

"A Fencers" Pay $20.00 for the Tournament.

ON SITE registration fees $50.00 for first event, $25.00 for every subsequent event.

COVID 19 Measures:

-Socially Distanced Tournament

-Masks are required for all attending

Events Scheduled:
May 1 8:30AM Y10 Mixed Epee
May 1 8:30AM Y12 Mixed Foil
May 1 11:00AM Div3 Mixed Epee
May 1 11:00AM open Mixed Foil
May 1 2:30PM open Mixed Epee
May 1 2:30PM Y10 Mixed Foil
May 1 3.30 open Mixed Saber 
May 1 4:00PM Y12 Mixed Epee
May 1 5:00PM Div3 Mixed Foil

-Registration CLOSES 30 minutes before the start of each event.


Indoor Soccer Pro
1128 NW 159 Dr Miami FL 33169

-Preregistration opens on 03/12/2021.
-Preregistration closes on 04/30/2021.

Fencer with Protective Mask