Gold Coast Florida Fencing Division

The following candidates were re-elected as officers to Gold Coast Florida Division of the United States Fencing Association for the 2020-21 Season:


Rafael Suarez, Chairperson
Marta Sanchez-Emden, Vice-Chairperson
Eugenio Cano, Secretary
Delainy Quintero, Treasurer

The elections took place on July 18, 2020, during the Division Annual Meeting. Voter participation was more significant than in recent past elections. 


The Board of Directors thanks the Nominating Committee, composed of Sheila Carnicelli and Richard Weiss. The Committee helped guide the process in a more transparent and orderly manner.

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The Board of Directors of the Gold Coast Division is pleased to announce the candidates to its upcoming election. Six candidates responded to the Nominating Committee’s request to provide answers to a questionnaire by midnight of June 29,2020. Candidates’ information and answers were posted to the Division website. 

Article VIII, Section 2 of the by-laws stipulates that a mailing will be sent to the membership announcing the members running for office; however, to limit physical contact and as in prior elections, the Board announced the names of members running for office on the website and through a USA Fencing Association email blast. 

The elections will take place on July 18, 2020. As per Article VII, Section 6 of the by-laws, proxy votes will be allowed. All proxies will be issued by the Secretary of the Division as needed. If the original division proxy is lost and replaced, it must be verified by Secretary as valid. Each proxy will have a distinct number corresponding to each member eligible to vote. Please contact Eugenio Cano, Secretary at eacano@mac.com for further details, or to request your proxy.


To limit physical distancing, proxies may be returned digitally, or handed in at the meeting. 


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