Vice Chairperson, 2019-present

Incumbent Candidate

Dr. Marta Sanchez-Emden practiced competitive fencing during her high school and college years. She was a member of the Puerto Rican national team from 1983 to 1990, representing the country at numerous international competitions. She was one of only a handful of pioneer female epee fencers in her country when this category was finally open for women. Upon moving to the States for graduate studies, she engaged in fencing only sporadically, as allowed by her studies. Years later, with a doctorate, two sons, and two businesses, she reincorporated into the fencing world. Currently, she is a competitive fencer at the national and international levels. In the past three years, she has represented her country at the Veteran’s World Championships in Slovenia, Italy, and Egypt. Some of her competitive achievements include: Bronze Pan-American Games (Cuba 1986), Bronze Youth & Veteran Pan-American games (PR 2016), Silver pre-veteran mixed Inter-Club Championship of the Americas (PR 2016), Gold pre-veteran women Inter-Club Championship of the Americas (PR 2016), 7th place Veteran NAC (USA 2017), Bronze Youth & Veteran Pan-American games (ST Thomas 2017), Silver veteran women Inter-Club (USA 2018), 35th place World Veteran Championship (Italy 2018), 6th place veteran Capitol Clash (USA 2019), Silver veteran women The Fencers Club (USA 2020). She is the state champion for the Florida Sunshine Games in her category for the past two years in a row. She also enjoys bouting and receiving fencing lessons at fencing clubs around Europe to gain a broader spectrum of the different styles of fencing clubs outside the United States and Puerto Rico. 


Marta has been a resident of Miami for 26 years, where she started her veterinary practice. She specializes in veterinary rehabilitation and sports medicine. She is also a Certified Veterinary Journalist with plenty of experience in television, radio, podcasting, digital, and printed media. She is presently the resident veterinarian for Telemundo and CNN Español, and hosts weekly TV segments on both channels. She is a book author and writes a monthly column for the Florida Villager magazine. She is a collaborator for Vet Candy, a veterinary digital platform. She also hosts a Spanish language veterinary blog, “Dr Marta Vet.” She has been voted “Best Veterinarian in Miami” for the last five years in a row. She was featured as the cover story for PetVet, a national magazine, where she appeared wearing her fencing uniform on the cover of the magazine. She is a strong promoter of fencing in her professional social media and her personal life. Her husband and youngest son are also fencers. 


Her interest in a leadership position in the Gold Coast Division stems from a desire to participate in the progressive development of the sport in the area. As fencing continues to grow nationally, she feels that it appears to be stagnating at the local level. She envisions an administration that facilitates the recruitment of more women and more adult fencers for the Division. Additionally, she is interested in a directive that helps increase the quality standard in which our clubs run their business. She wants to be part of an administration that promotes the sport by promoting the formation of new clubs while also supporting the existing ones to expand and grow. Finally, she is interested in seeing more high-level competitions hosted in our region. As founder and administrator of two businesses for the last 18 years, she brings knowledge and experience in administrative skills to the Division. As an experienced media presence, she will aid in the promotion of fencing in Southeast Florida. As Vice President for the Division’s 2019-2020 season, she looks forward to continuing the work already initiated and striving to reach the highest level of excellence that the sport can achieve in the area. She believes that the upcoming 2020-2021 season will be challenging in the presence of a pandemic; however, with consistency and hard work, she feels that the Division’s administration will continue moving towards its goals.