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Treasurer, 2019-present


1.Why are you applying for a leadership position in the Gold Coast Florida Fencing Division?


I am applying for 2nd year as Treasurer for the division to support our local fencing division because of my love for the sport and to support our youth fencers to bring some more competitive events to the South Florida region. 

2. What do you envision as the top-3 priorities for Gold Coast Florida Fencing Division, why, and how would you implement those priorities?


Establish well laid out guidelines of how it is to run successful fencing events. (Bring all clubs together in unity to be able to put together some high-level tournaments in South Florida.) Implement good teachings as far as respect to our coaches, fencers, and officials. (Starts with coaches to teach our youth life lessons and how to respect one another no matter if you win or lose, good sportsmanship.) Host more regional and national events. (Establish strong guidelines for events, respect one another and raise more funds within the division.)


3. What involvement have you had in Gold Coast Florida Fencing Division, and/or what involvement have you had in any other organizations that might be relevant to this role? 


I have served as Treasurer for the 2019-2020 season for Gold Coast Florida Fencing Division. 

4. Please provide a description of your previous board experience. Please detail the achievements of that board and your direct role in those achievements. If you intend to apply for the role of Treasurer, please provide a description of your experience preparing or supervising books and records of an entity, related to the sport of fencing or otherwise.


I am currently serving on the board as Treasurer where we have had success in collecting funds from our local events sanctioning fees as well as keeping records of all related transactions involved within the division. I am also a business owner of a real estate company One Trust Realty where one of my many duties is to keep records of legal and financial documents, fiduciary obligations to clients, and handle escrow deposits and discuss personal financial information with clients, banks, and attorneys. 

5. If you are applying for the role of chairperson, given the chairperson’s role as an ambassador to USFA and regional leadership on behalf of the division, please comment on your relationships and how you envision you would fulfill this responsibility of the role?




6. Please share any additional information you think would be relevant, or you would like the Nominating Committee to know.

I have a competitive membership with USA Fencing and also compete in the local events. At my previous club, Carballo’s Fencing Club, I was in charge of coordinating and ordering team uniforms and equipment for the club and raising funds for coaches to be able to travel to regional and national competitions. I also was involved in helping youth fencers in class and set up and take down point system machines daily for the club.

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