Nominee Candidate for Secretary

1. Why are you applying for a leadership position in the Gold Coast Florida Fencing Division? 


I am applying for a leadership position within GCFFD because I believe in the quality of the sport, and the opportunities it provides our South Florida communities.  Creating awareness and building interest of the sport will only allow for more visibility of all the clubs within the region.  

2. What do you envision as the top-3 priorities for Gold Coast Florida Fencing Division, why, and how would you implement those priorities?   


The following are my top three priorities in which I envision enhancing within GCD:  


1. Increase awareness of the sport and clubs within the GCD region.  


2. Increase and incentivize participation amongst clubs/members in order to build a more cohesive messaging in the region and build a community of athletes with a common goal.  


3. Increase membership levels for GCD by creating outreach opportunities that can build awareness and drive interest from parents and young adults within their area.  

3. What involvement have you had in Gold Coast Florida Fencing Division, and/or what involvement have you had in any other organizations that might be relevant to this role?     


I do not possess any prior involvement within GCFFD or any other organization that might be relevant to this role.  What I do possess is vast knowledge in the South Florida Market, and how to create awareness of businesses/programs.  I create, manage and execute strategies for different businesses that target their goals, and this is something that I know is beneficial to GCFFD in achieving the organization’s goals.

4. Please provide a description of your previous board experience. Please detail the achievements of that board and your direct role in those achievements. If you intend to apply for the role of treasurer, please provide a description of your experience preparing or supervising books and records of an entity, related to the sport of fencing or otherwise.  


Please, kindly refer to the answer on question 3 above.


5. If you are applying for the role of chairperson, given the chairperson’s role as an ambassador to USFA and regional leadership on behalf of the division, please comment on your relationships and how you envision you would fulfill this responsibility of the role?  


Though I am not applying to the Chairperson position, networking is something that is essential to the expansion of any organization. I believe that building relationships should be an essential part of every Board Member’s role.

6. Please share any additional information you think would be relevant, or you would like the Nominating Committee to know.  


Please see attached my letter to the Nominating Committee.  


Thank you.

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