Nominee Candidate for Chairperson


Applicant: Jose Pineda, Coach and CEO of Doral Fencing Club

Position: Chairman


1. Why are you applying for a leadership position in the Gold Coast Florida Fencing Division?  


I am applying for the leadership position as Chairman of the Gold Coast Florida Fencing Division because I believe the organization needs a change in perspective and execution overall, and it starts with a strong leadership committee that can take our sport of Fencing to the next level. 

2. What do you envision as the top-3 priorities for Gold Coast Florida Fencing Division, why, and how would you implement those priorities? 


As Chairman of GCFFD, I would focus on the following three priorities:


  1. Communication – I believe that there is a need for transparency and profound communication between the Leadership of the Division and our clubs/members.  We need to communicate our goals and get all members involved in order to make sound decisions that will benefit our Division, each club organization and ultimately positively impact the sport within our region. 


  1. Leadership in Unification – Develop and form a leadership whose main goal is to unify and include all clubs/member as equal participants of our Division.  Open our doors to listen to their concerns and needs in order to make the best decisions for our Region as a unified front in order to achieve our current and future goals as a whole.


  1. Massification – Focus on reaching a broader market for our Division with the goal to increase memberships/athletes within our Region.  By expanding the current outreach of GCFFD we will be able to grow the awareness of our sport and provide new opportunities to new athletes and for new members.  

3. What involvement have you had in Gold Coast Florida Fencing Division, and/or what involvement have you had in any other organizations that might be relevant to this role? 


My previous involvement with GCFFD has been as Head Coach and CEO of Doral Fencing Club.  We started Doral Fencing Club three years ago with the goal to create awareness of the sport within the City of Doral.  In the past year, we have been able to expand our footprint within the City and penetrate Doral’s most prestigious schools bring the sport of Fencing to the reach of students and focusing on the discovery of new athletes.    

4. Please provide a description of your previous board experience. Please detail the achievements of that board and your direct role in those achievements. If you intend to apply for the role of treasurer, please provide a description of your experience preparing or supervising books and records of an entity, related to the sport of fencing or otherwise.  Please, kindly refer to the answer on question 3 above.


5. If you are applying for the role of chairperson, given the chairperson’s role as an ambassador to USFA and regional leadership on behalf of the division, please comment on your relationships and how you envision you would fulfill this responsibility of the role? 


As Chairman of GCFFD, as Head Coach of my own Club, and as an athlete I embody the leadership, dedication and discipline necessary for the role.  Through our organization, we have developed many relationships that support our goals through Doral Fencing Club but that can also support our goals for the Division as a whole.  In addition, we maintain strong standing relationships with leader officials within our City and the Schools that we participate in.  Such relationships and support have been essential to the rapid growth of Doral Fencing Club and the emerging athletes.

6. Please share any additional information you think would be relevant, or you would like the Nominating Committee to know.  Please see attached.



Dear Nominating Committee,


First and foremost, I thank you for the opportunity to address you as I seek to hold the position of Chairman for the Gold Coast Florida Fencing Division.  As Head Coach and CEO of Doral Fencing Club in Doral, Florida I take my role with the outmost responsibility, dedication and true love for the sport.  As a former athlete, the sport of Fencing is very much a part of who I am.  Transmitting the dedication and strength of the sport is something we have endeavored our DFC Team to carry out with passion and commitment.  


It is because of these values that we have proudly created and grown Doral Fencing Club in South Florida.  We have allied with leaders in our community and prestigious schools in the area to build awareness of the sport and provide opportunities to young athletes that have found in our organization, a family that nourishes their growth and development as fencers, by encouraging teamwork, support and an organization that continuously strives to form a healthy competitive environment that emphasizes on the improvement of each member. 


I know my experience and knowledge can be an asset to the GCFFD Committee, and as your Chairman I will dedicate such assets to the improvement of the Division to develop an organization that can focus on the betterment for our region, for our beloved sport, and most importantly, for our members and athletes.

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